BT Series

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See Product images for information on grease options.  If you choose "custom", please specify the grease of your choice upon checkout in Special Instructions.

The Pulsarlube BT Series is a Bluetooth-enabled automatic lubricator that could be monitored and controlled via an app on a mobile device in Bluetooth range (5~20m), without physical access to the lubricators.

Lubricators will be recognized in the app as long as they are in Bluetooth detection range so finding lubricators, monitoring their status, and changing settings will be simple and convenient. The data in the mobile app is shared with our web application server and can be downloaded in .csv or .txt format for optimal monitoring.

With BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology applied, there is low power consumption from the Bluetooth module and the lubricator can operate reliably even though a battery pack is used for power. The IP65 rating allows outdoor installations with protection against dust and water spray.

By incorporating Bluetooth technology, The Pulsarlube BT has been developed to meet your lubrication needs with a technological convenience never before offered.